QiBounding Training and Coaching

I am the founder of QiBounding, and work as a health and well-being coach since 1983 and as rebounding trainer since 2000. My goal is to assist you in getting the best possible results from rebounding. More about my work.


       Foundation Classes:
      • Best Practice in Rebounding  (1 week class)   This is a FREE class. Sign up here.
      • Lymph Flow                              (2 week class)
      • Stress Release                         (2 week class)
      • Strong Bones                           (2 week class)

        Advanced Rebounding Class:
      • QiBounding Dynamic - 2 weeks class with focus on stamina, coordination, body toning and goal setting

    90 minute personalized Rebounding training (one person or couple).

    with rebounding master trainer and health coach Sylvia Dreiser Farnsworth.     

      Make a profession out of your passion.