Autism and Rebounding

 We here at QiBounding work together with numerous parents who's children have been diagnosed with Autism. We recently also got in contact with a school for Autistic children. All of them have found out that rebounding on the bellicon QiBounders helps Autistic children tremendously in dealing with their emotions. Rebounding offers them the possibility to physically work out their emotions. At the same time, Rebounding strengthens their immune system.

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One of our client, father of an autistic child writes:
Our daughter is autistic and intellectually disabled. Life has not been easy for her. In the last year, a multi-pronged approach to therapy has greatly improved her life experience. One unexpected contributor to this change has been her intense use of her rebounder, which she now uses at least 4 hours a day.
She has had her bellicon for several years now, and has used it on a fairly regular basis. Her current intense regimen started eight months ago, without any encouragement from parents or therapists.
Several benefits are readily apparent:  as she jumps she is often suffused with quiet contentment, as if in an elevated mood brought on by a release of endorphins;  jumping is also a time for embodied free-wheeling reflection, leading to insights and decisions that serve her well;  finally, jumping burns calories, thereby mitigating the weight gains associated with the medication she takes. She now habitually takes long walks, of 3 miles or more, without complaint.

In the video tape on the right we introduce you to Donna Gates who has worked intensively in finding out the course of Autism and in providing help and healing. Donna is a great supporter of Rebounding exercise to strengthen the immune system and the overall health - physically and emotionally. She recommends the bellicon QiBounder as the best possible and most efficient rebounder.


Donna Gates, founder of Body Ecology, speaks about the cause of autism. It is possible to prevent Autism with proper gut health and a better immune system in both the pregnant mother and child. In applying the principles of the Body Ecology Diet, Autism can even be treated. Visit these links for more information, and find support with BEDROK if you or someone you know needs help in dealing with autism.