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S.T. Honolulu, HI - December 2013

Today was the first day I was confident to stay on for about 5 minutes. No one around, I just sang aloud what ever came to me, and moved my arms and legs in ways that felt good....slowed down, sped up, etc etc. Two hours later I still feel warm and invigorated - and "bounced." Ha ha, like getting a bouncy ride when we were children! Wonderful. I also notice how aligned my spine/hips get as well as how my shoulders/arms are better at hanging off my frame (in alignment) after I finish rebounding. Love that, as I'm working on shoulder stuff with Alexander/Pilates each week.

This has been the best investment!
Also appreciate your QiBounding videos - lots to learn from there! I've watched them all so far, but will be repeating the exercises again and again. Thanks again and enjoy your holiday - Lana"     ---    Lana Noel - November 26, 2013

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