They bellicon. 
Do you?

Tony Robbins (since 08)
Lou Corona    (since 10)

Donna Gates  (since 08)

GabrielCousens (2008)

David Wolfe   (since 09)

Britney Spears    (2011)

Cher           (since 2012)

Barry Bonds   (since 07)

Health Benefits 

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Class Content of this action packed 12 day class:

  • Best exercise to strengthen and tone your body.
  • Best exercises to strengthen your lymphatic system.
  • 2 full days working on how you can increase your bone density.  
  • How to start and end a Rebounding Training session.
  • Which exercises to do in the morning and which in the evening - Exercises to relax for better sleep.
  • and much more.
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Four Reasons why Rebounding is the Ideal Training for You:
   #1 Extremely efficient.
   #2  Everybody can do it.
   #3  Always accessible.
   #4  Fun factor.
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The Story of Rebounders in the US

  In the 1980s NASA incorporated this form of exercise.. read more about the story of rebounders 

Watch this 2 minute video. It's fun!

Featuring  2-year old Avery, her mom, uncle, grandmother, grandfather and her grand-grand father.