Osteoporosis - Increase Bone Density through Rebounding

According  to a study published by the Surgeon General in 2007, one out of two women over 50 will break a bone due to Osteoporosis in their lifetime. And men? Every 5th man, too.

This is how you can help yourself:

1. Understand how bones function

    Read this informative article by Dr. Sylvia Lim, MPP, Ph.D

2. Get the Rebounder that works for you

QiBounding is an independent expert in Rebounding. We support you in finding your ideal Rebounder.


Once you have your Rebounder, you want to learn how to use it safely and in the most efficient way.  QiBounding offers special Rebounding Online Classes in which you will learn how to  strengthen the bones of the hips, wrists and the back with your rebounder. Two out of the twelve day class we will spend entirely on bone strength.

Testimonials of an Online Class participants:
Hi Sylvia and All!  I learned more today about bones than I did when I was told I was osteoporotic.  It was: "Read this pamphlet.  Take this pill." Your presentation was very empowering to be not only told what to do and have the thorough explanation of why, but also to be shown how to do it.  It is so good to know I can increase bone density through more natural means.  Worth the price of the class!!  Marti, Feb 2014

Hi, Iím Tonya. Iím 70 and fractured several vertebrae about 5 years ago. As a result, the spine curved and I have lost about 4 inches in my height. I have taken a natural approach to the osteoporosis, always working with nutrition and exercise, and refusing the usual drugs to treat this condition....

Have had the bellicon over a year now and feel that it has helped tremendously. I learned a lot in the Online Class and it helped me to get committed to regularly rebounding. I enjoy now bouncing each day. I can highly recommend Sylvia's classes.  Tonya, October 2011

  • Already in 1980, NASA published that Rebounding strengthens the bones and increased bone density.

  • Our customers experienced that with ten minutes of daily rebounding, their bone density came back to normal and reversed their Osteopenia within one and a half years.

  •  In Germany, medical studies done by the "Board for Preventive Medicine" have shown that Rebounding can stop the decrease of bone density due to Osteoporosis. The following video clips document those studies:

Better bones #1

Better bones #2

H   D

Scientific Study:

One study found that even a single bout of high-impact exercise can increase bone turnover. Study participants jumped up and down until they were exhausted. Afterwards, markers of bone formation (procollagen type I amino terminal propeptide [P1NP] and bone resorption (carboxyterminal crosslinked telopeptide [CTx]) were both elevated, signifying that the body was busily fixing the damage and rebuilding the bones to be stronger. Read more about this study.

Rantalainen, Timo, et al. Short-term bone biochemical response to a single bout of high-impact exercise. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2009) 8, 553 Ė 559.

Triathlon Camp Director Charlie Woodcock speaks about her experience with Osteoporosis and her success story with her bellicon: