Osteoporosis - Increase Bone Density through Rebounding

Osteoporosis? This is how you can help yourself:

1. Understand how bones function

    Read this informative article by Dr. Sylvia Lim, MPP, Ph.D

2. Get the Rebounder that works best for you

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  • Already in 1980, NASA published that Rebounding strengthens the bones and increased bone density.

  • Our customers experienced that with ten minutes of daily rebounding, their bone density came back to normal and reversed their Osteopenia within one and a half years.

  •  In Germany, medical studies done by the "Board for Preventive Medicine" have shown that Rebounding can stop the decrease of bone density due to Osteoporosis. The following video clips document those studies:

Better bones #1

Better bones #2

A Scientific Study   found that even a single bout of high-impact exercise can increase bone turnover. Study participants jumped up and down until they were exhausted. Afterwards, markers of bone formation (procollagen type I amino terminal propeptide [P1NP] and bone resorption (carboxyterminal crosslinked telopeptide [CTx]) were both elevated, signifying that the body was busily fixing the damage and rebuilding the bones to be stronger. Read more about this study.

Rantalainen, Timo, et al. Short-term bone biochemical response to a single bout of high-impact exercise. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2009) 8, 553 559.

Triathlon Camp Director Charlie Woodcock speaks about her experience with Osteoporosis and her success story with her bellicon: