Lymph and Immune System - activated through Rebounding

The Lymph fluid  

The rhythmic bouncing motion of rebounding stimulates the lymph fluid's circulation throughout the body. Lymph fluid - which you have twice as much of as blood - acts as the body's metabolic garbage disposal system and is directly related to the immune system. Here's the catch: The lymph system does not have a pump (like the blood has the heart) and only moves when you move.

Rebounding, which is all about movement, gives your lymphatic system and therefore your immune system a fantastic boost. and has a harmonizing influence on your thyroid at the same time. When you rebound, your calves act as a pump for your lymphatic system. In the down bounce of the rebound movement, they contract and pump the lymph fluid upwards
through channels called “vessels”. These vessels are filled with one-way valves, so the lymph always moves in the same direction. The main lymph vessels run up the legs, up the arms and up the torso. This is why the vertical up-and-down movement of rebounding is so important for circulating the lymph.  Vigorous exercise such as rebounding is reported to increase lymph flow by 15 to 30 times.    

Cell cleansing and nourishing
 The movement which your whole body experiences during  Rebounding thoroughly nourishes and cleanses all 50 trillion of our cells. When we imagine that each of our cells is affected by every bounce, we can get a picture of the effect that rebounding can have on our overall health. Our organs also benefit from this movement: the heart is strengthened, stomach and digestive organs are stimulated, and muscles are toned.

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Exercises to increase Lymph Flow and to help with Lymphedema

Read below the testimonials of our customers in regards to Rebounding and Lymph::

 Gone the  lymph clumps through Rebounding

I was recently getting a massage. The masseuse was massaging my upper arms near my armpits and made the comment that there weren't any small lumps that she normally feels on most people. I told her that I rebound regularly.  She immediatlely said that she had observed that same phenomenon (lack of lymph clumps) on other people she massaged who did regular rebounding.  Even though I intellectually knew about increased lymphatic circulation from rebounding, it was great to experience the physical proof.  Just another reason to keep on rebounding.! Happy bouncing!!   Ben Lowry, Rowswell, GA

Celebrity trainer, Ashley Borden tells Lymphodema reduction through rebounding:

"I am m healed from Breast Cancer"
The above story of Rayna Swanson is not a  scientific proof or a guarantee that such a healing will occur to everybody and Qibounding does not know how probable it is that you will experience the same result that Rayna has experienced. However, we wanted make her experience available to  you.

I just wanted to tell you a very wonderful result I got from jumping on my Bellicon 44.  ....Thank you so very much for this wonderful product. A friend of mine found that massaging her lymph nodes before rebounding to be very painful. Then she started rebounding.

Guess what. The pain went away.

Gary Kotros, Easthampton, Ma, (2009/03)

With Lymph-Edema in my feet I had bought my Bellicon Rebounder in December 2007. Almost every day, I did a 2 mile "walk" on it  a and several times per day I did  the health bounce.

In 6 months, my ankle has gone from 11" to just under 9" and while I wear the firm compression knee highs to work - if the weather is hot - I can take them off  now when I get home and on weekends. I absolutely LOVE my Bellicon - thanks so much!!

Jody J. Auburn MI  (06/2008)