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Our next QiBounding Online class starts June 1st, 2015.
QiBounding Online Classes

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Feed backs from QiBounding Class participants:

I’m very happy to have found Sylvia and her rebounding technique when browsing through internet, as it’s very gentle, respectful for the body, and as Sylvia is a very gentle and kind person with a big heart. Her way of explaining and teaching is not just giving knowledge, but a transmission of what she is living.
Thank you so much, Sylvia, for helping us all. Marianne, Switzerland (June 2014)

Hello Sylvia, I wanted to thank you for such a beautifully structured and informative online course. I have gone from beginner to being totally confident on my bellicon during the last few weeks and in a way that allows me to now do what I want with no risk of injury. You explain the “nuts and bolts” of how to rebound correctly and the lessons build on each other both knowledge-wise and fitness-wise. Best of all you have taught me what FUN rebounding can be.

Thank you for a wonderful and well worthwhile course.

Kind Regards   Clare Mckensey, Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you for the greatest online experience ever. I have taken many online courses (audio and or video) on yoga, meditation, workout programs etc and I found that your course was by far the best – comprehensive with education and demonstration and the best bang for the buck ever. You are a treasure!
The classes have been so much fun and so educational. When I think to myself "I wonder what tomorrow's class will be?" I'm never surprised when Sylvia teaches and explains the perfect thing, like balance. Sylvia always knows the next step. The structured class is fabulous and so perfect for learning. You can see many videos online and even in QiBounding but learning in this structured environment, building upon each lesson, cannot be beat! I'm so excited I just signed up for Level 2. What a great deal. And, if and when the DVD's come out, I will be the first person to buy them. I believe purchasing the Bellicon Rebounder and taking these classes is the most helpful thing I could do for my being (body and mind) in my 65th year. Thank you Sylvia for the best experience ever!
Karen F., Pensilvania (April 2014)

I love taking classes with Sylvia.  All 3 classes I took with her were great! Rebounding is such a playful time for me – a way to relax and get back to the enjoyment of movement I felt as a child. I feel exhilerated after I finish a lession on my rebounder – so much energy!  And I am geting stronger too! Although it is an online class, Sylvia is very personable and warm.  I always feel as though she is right there with me.

Each class session has careful instruction with Sylvia giving detailed training about proper alignment. She is so low – key and calm that it makes it a very relaxing. She taught us how to listen to what our bodies tell us we need. I now know when to push myself and when to rest or do a different or limited movement.    

Sylvia always keeps the videos available for a month or so after the class ends which allows me to re-do the exercises or to catch up if I could not participate at all days. During the actual class sessions, any questions or problems we are experiencing can be, if desired, addressed in our group posting area (Chatroom). You don’t have to post if you don’t like that kind of thing, but it is so helpful to get advice and encourgement. It is also nice to be able to help someone else out. If you want to though, you can always just read others have experiences and learn that way.

Sylvia is there for all our questions and she offers insights into our practice too.  It is so enjoyable to get support and motivation!!! I have had problems keeping up a consistent practice in the past, but by taking these classes, I feel that I can now be consistent on my own. I have the knowledge and motivation. Sylvia has helped us build our own practice of dynamicism – that is – exercises with very vigorous moves with low key movements intersperced to avoid burn-out and gain maximum results. In just 15 minutes,  I can now do my own very vigorous but varied practice today. My mood has lifted and I have a lot of energy.  I am good on my own,but I really look forward to learning more. Sign me up for the next class, Sylvia!

Vickie Chiodo-Maung, Mississippi (February 2014)

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Hello Sylvia, Your lessons are amazing and go beyond of everything I was hoping for. Thank you for the great knowledge you are sharing and making bouncing fun.
Heike W., Massachusetts (April 2014)

I have just completed your June/July 2014 Level 1 and Level 2 online rebounding classes.  They were both delightful experiences. The Level 2 classes provided an opportunity to experience many varied and challenging rebounding exercise options.  Your personal approach helped a lot.  The experience was similar to a private class with you.  Your chat room gave me the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences with other class members and receive your guidance.  Thanks to your classes, I'm off to a great start with my rebounding experience. Sincerely,
Joe Waddell, The Villages, Florida -July 7, 2014

I have just completed the Level 1 workshop and I feel incredibly grateful to Sylvia for offering such a wonderful and interesting course.  I was amazed at the sheer amount of information that Sylvia provided but all of it was relevant and important.  Whenever you invest in a specialised piece of equipment like a bellicon Rebounder you want to know as much as you can about it and use it to help your body in the best possible way.  This workshop does that and I personally believe that bellicon should include the workshop for everyone buying a rebounder.  I loved my rebounder before but now, each and everyday I see and feel my body becoming stronger and my pain becoming more manageable.  These things aren't supposed to be possible but with your bellicon and the right course, they are.  I cannot recommend this course highly enough, it is the partner to your new bellicon.
Juliet Fisher, Australia (February 2014)

  Next Online Workshops:
  Level 1 class (basics / intermediate) :  June   1 - 12, 2015
  Level 2 class (advanced)                     :  June 13 - 18, 2015

QiBounding Online Classes discounted*

*You can use this discounted
rate if you sign up for an Online Class within 7 days of ordering your bellicon through QiBounding.
What is an Online Class?

An Online Class is a class where you receive an email with videos and instructions every day and you exercise in the comfort of your home at the time which works for you. You will learn the correct rebounding technique to achieve maximum results in a minimum of time and you will learn lots of great exercises to train your entire body.
The focus of the class is on
a) technique
b) lymphatic workouts
c) body toning
d) bone strengthening.

The best rebounder does not give you the results you want unless you know how to use it correctly. Similar to a musical instrument, it is great to have an excellent instrument, but unless you know how to use it correctly, it can only bring limited results.
Especially for the safety of your body - ankles, knees, hips and for your spine, it is of utmost importance that you learn how to use your body with a proper rebounding technique. But also to achieve health goals, like optimum lymphatic pump or building bone density or learning how to calm down the nervous system, it is extremely rewarding to follow an Online Class.

How does an Online Workshop work?  

Similar to a workshop where you are physically with others in a group, in our Online Workshop there is training, coaching and interaction between the workshop leader and the participants.  The advantage of an Online workshop is, that in online workshop, you save a lot of time and money as you participate from the comfort of your own your home and you can do the exercises whenever it fits into your schedule.

What you can expect from our Online Classes:

  • Every day you will receive an email from your Rebounding Coach, giving you videos and instructions for the day.
  • You simply watch those videos on your computer.
  • You decide the best time for you to workout and do the exercises you have learned.
  • A special website will be set up for each class, where the participants can share their experience, read the experiences of their peers and ask questions.
  • If you have a specific question or want to have your question handled in private, you can always email your Rebounding Coach.
  • The entire workshop is based on anonymity. You choose your own user name and the only person who knows your  real name is Sylvia. This allows all of us to be completely honest and free in our communication.
  • No problem if you cannot watch the sessions every day: We leave the entire workshop online up to four weeks after the class is finished. In that way you can review the classes and catch up.

Take a look at our current class's Chatroom to see how we are communicating during the Online class.