Goal Setting - Goal Tracking


Changing habits is not the easiest thing in the world. However once we are inspired and committed to make

a change in our life, the first step is already done. From that moment on there are two things that help us stay on track:

1. Getting a daily reminder > "Hey, it's time to rebound"


2. Tracking our activity - It is a fun thing to set a "check" on your activity at the end of the day

     - it's like a "Hi 5, I did it today!"

My preferred tool to help me keep track on my activities / my goals is called "Way of Life".
This is a free App that you can get at this link.  It is easy to use. Just set up your activity, for instance "15 min Rebounding" and set up a time when you want to be reminded of this activity and you are set.

Have fun with it and stay healthy and toned!

And don't forget to get your free Rebounding Training where you learn all the ins and outs to get the best results from your Rebounding.