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Almost 60 years old, BB lost 25 lbs in only 6 months

My Abs Get a Killer Workout!

Rebounding for the Limbic System

An unexpected Gift

"Trouble-Free" Back

I lost 28 lbs and counting

Rebounding helping with Tourette's Syndrome

Ankle healed & Blood Pressure back to normal

Creative Brain Waves on Rebounder

Toned Body and Kegel Muscles

Cholesterol, Sugar, Blood Pressure back to normal

I stabilize my Blood Sugar with Rebounding

Rebounding - Restorative Exercises for Chronic Sciatica

Almost 60 years old, BB lost 25 lbs in only 6 months.  

Iowa City,  July 7, 2012


QiBounding (QB): BB, you are only months away from your 60th birthday. What is your secret of having lost 25 lbs in only 6 months?


BB:  I am fortunate to enjoy excellent health and it has gotten even better with rebounding, which I had never done before.  The soft bounce of the bellicon is easy on the body.  Living in Iowa makes it almost impossible to get enough exercise as the climate is dreadful.  So the bellicon solved this problem for me, and thus I give the credit primarily to it.  


QB: This is excellent news.  Is this the first time that you loose weight so easily?


BBI had been trying to lose the extra weight with no success before the bellicon.  Now I went from 145 to 120, which looks pretty good.  I was 100 as a teenager, 110 until my son was born at age 35, then around 115.  But now I am 59 years old so perhaps 120 is the best I can expect.  


QB: When I look at you, I would never think that you are 59 years old. You are in  an amazingly good shape.


BB: Yes, most people cannot believe that I am almost 60.


QB: How long do you rebound per day?


BB: .  I rebound every day for 15 minutes.  Once or twice a week, a little more , about 20, 25 maybe 30 minutes.  Depending on how I feel, part gentle bouncing, part a little higher, and lots of bouncy walking.  I always do it to music which makes it much more fun.  


QB: Did you also change your diet?


BB: I did change only one thing:  I replaced most of the starch in my diet with green foods, in the hope of creating a more alkaline balance in the body.  This means having salad instead of toast or pasta for dinner...that kind of thing.  Being a vegetarian, my diet already was pretty sugar or junk foods, olive oil instead of butter, etc.


QB: Are you happy with your weight now or do you plan to loose more


BB:  I’ll keep bouncing away and see if any more melts away.  115 would be just perfect that’s my goal.  Then I can really fly up those Himalayan trails, next time we go!  


QB: Thank you so much and keep up the happy bouncing!

My Abs Get a Killer Workout!


Interview with Dana S. from  The Villages, FL. June 30, 2012.


QiBounding (QB): Dana, you have used your bellicon since two months now and you already have an entire list of fantastic results. Can you tell us about them?


Dana:  Absolutely you can see my progress! I am 5’4” and started out at 136 pounds and now I am at 131. I've noticed my tummy is slimmer and my pants are more loose. I have more stability in my hips. My legs are becoming stronger especially my left leg which was weaker due to my back surgery in the mid 90's.

My heart rate is awesome.. Stays around the mid to upper 60's to low 70's mostly when not exercising. My resting heart rate is upper 40's to low 50's. My energy is crazy. The only problem that I face is not being able to rebound on my work days. (boohoo)


QB:  The results you get from your bellicon are amazing and you look like a young goddess. Can you tell us your age or is that a secret?


Dana:  I am 50 years old, soon to be 51 in August.


QB: Congratulations. You look at least ten years younger!

You told us that you use hand weights when rebounding. What exactly are you doing with them?


Dana: Yes, I use the one pound Contour weights. I am ready to increase those weights now to two pounds or possibly three. What I really like with the them, is that I place my feet in the straps and proceed with my abdominal workout while lying on the Bellicon. My abs get a killer workout. What a great feeling!


QB: You told us that you could not use the hand weights right away. Could you tell us more about this?

Dana:  In the beginning, I found it difficult to use the hand weights while jumping. I believe my muscles weren't used to the significant forces of bouncing along with the added hand weights. So  I started to work with the Theraband for a while and that really made it possible to increase to the hand weights quickly.

QB: Yes, that is a great exercise. We show this in one of our video clips! What about your balance? Some weeks ago, you told us that this was one of your focal points. How is this today?


Dana: My balance has improved more over the last 6 weeks. The reason I know this is because when I stand now on the bellicon dead center with my legs and feet together, and close my eyes, I can stand there with hardly any swaying for as long as I want.  My body will adjust accordingly, and fight to stay in place, but there is barely much movement now.  When I tried to do this in the beginning, I wasn't able to keep my eyes closed for fear of falling.


QB: Just to get an idea: How long are you working out daily? Do you have a special routine that you follow?


Dana:  I now workout approximately 2 hours. I try to mix it up to challenge my body. One day I will do a 90 minute workout then the next a 2 hour.  What keeps me going is the music from my IPOD. I program it to shuffle the songs so when a slow tune plays, I workout my abs while lying on the bellicon. When a fast one plays, I jump on the bellicon and bounce to the beat. I also do sidekicks, back kicks and front kicks to get my hips and buttocks involved.

When I feel I have done a lot of abdominal work, I will do balancing or yoga work with the slower tunes. It's funny though, if the IPOD wants to, it can really kick my butt by playing a lot of fast songs in a row! I am usually drenched at the end of my workout.


QB: Many of us who use our bellicon daily, get kind of addicted to it. Have you noticed this, too?


Dana: I must say, this is the first time that I truly crave my workout when it's missed. When I am off work, my body is LOVING it! I workout every day. Of course, reality comes back and I have to return to work. My workouts are then back to the mercy of my schedule.


QB: Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, Dana!


Dana: You are very welcome. It’s a pleasure!

Rebounding for the Limbic System

( by Lily R., Athens OH)

A foster child, CJ, has been living with me for 3 years. When he arrived he was 30 lbs overweight, on many, many drugs and he could rage up to 16 hours a day. He is epileptic, was born with cerebral palsy and has a shunt in his head. He could not run and could barely manage stairs.


I bought a Bellicon.  At first he could not jump left-right-left-right which is a needed for good brain integration. But now he can and can jump for up to 15 minutes at a time. He has lost 17 lbs and looks marvelous and toned. He can now run and his coordination is improved in all areas. His ankle pronation has shifted and his gait vastly improved.


I went to a foster parenting workshop recently on attachment disorders where the trainer talked about how rebounding influences the limbic system - the emotional brain. She said that the up and down motion of rebounding can activate and help heal this part of the nervous system. I realized that in the last year our bonding has deepened. I wonder, is this due to our rebounder?


An unexpected Gift

(by Loretta M., Nashville TN)

My job requires me to maintain stationary positions which have caused muscular pain in my neck, arm, shoulder and back.  Over the years, I have also notice increase water retention in my feet and legs.  I was interested in the rebounding for the benefits I could gain.  I did research and decided on the Bellicon-44.

There was some discussion within the household about where to place the rebounder.  My son suggested placing it in our rumbus room so I was able to watch TV or listen to music while I was rebounding.  I have been using it daily since I brought it home and have had great results.

Soon after getting the rebounder, I came home from work and to my surprise there was my son playing a game and rebounding at the same time!  He loves it. As a parent looking for ways to keep my children active and healthy,   I couldn’t be happier.   Unexpected gifts in life are fantastic!

Trouble-free back

 (by Terri H., Slidell LA)

My entire life I'd suffered various back problems that eventually led to a constant "catch" in my back that not only contributed to my usual stiffness and discomfort, but also caused sharp pain when I inhaled deeply or walked without restricting my normal body motion.   I had been living in this compromised state for over 4 years when  my cousin suggested I try rebounding and recommended a Bellicon rebounder.

I was 43 years old and had never been on a trampoline before when I purchased it.  To my dismay, I found I could only do a couple minutes of very gentle bouncing, because with each bounce my spine felt a strong sense of compression.  Determined, I learned to hold my elbows close to my side, hands tight to my chest while curving my torso slightly forward in order to eliminate that uncomfortable sensation and be able to bounce a bit harder and longer.

After 6 weeks (bouncing about 10 minutes a day on average) - the "catch" I had in my back and the feeling of compression during bouncing had gradually disappeared and I no longer had to hold my body in that protective position. 

I then began bouncing to relieve the tension in my back whenever it felt stiff - especially during the night (the worst hours for back sufferers).   I'm convinced it was the intermittent night bouncing that repaired the condition of my back, since it was then that I got the satisfying "pops" and "cracks" that brings such relief to a compromised back.  Every time I got up during the night, I bounced until the popping stopped and I became limber (which literally took only a few bounces), before returning to bed. In time, as the overall pain and stiffness diminished, nightly awakenings became less frequent and I now rarely wake during the night.  I always bounce first thing in the morning (I keep the rebounder in the bedroom) - with just a couple minutes I am energized and ready for the day.  What a change from years of arriving at work feeling stiff and still tired.

I have had my Bellicon rebounder just over a year now, and have enjoyed a trouble-free back for the last 3-4 months. I can't believe that just a year ago I was still having to roll off the side of the bed to push myself into a bent-over position I always had to assume after lying down for any length of time.  The change is miraculous, and I am still shocked to find that I didn't have a "bad back" after all, I just had a back that was in very bad,  but repairable, condition!


I lost 28 lbs and counting (Joanne Z., Delta OH)

I love my rebounder. When it arrived I was able to set it up quickly following the directions, everything was labeled clearly. I have read about the benefits of rebounders for years in various books. I finally  decided that I needed to lose weight and get into shape.

I was going through the change and had put on 20 pounds in addition to the extra ones I was already carrying. I went up onto the internet to find the perfect rebounder. I thought I had decided on the right one until I went on to U-Tube and saw someone using it, I am glad I did because it was so noisy, it would have drove me nuts.

That’s when I found your website, and I saw your rebounder in action. I love it, I have it set up in my bedroom and I can rebound and watch my TV at the same time. I have lost 28 lbs and counting. I had problems with a weak bladder, I could not even jump for fear of leakage, and now after using the rebounder it has helped strengthen those muscles.

I thought I would have trouble with balance, but the rebounder is so stable, it has not been an issue. The best part is when I have time in the morning or evening I can just jump on my rebounder an go, and get a good workout. No driving, no gyms, no hassles!


Rebounding helping with Tourette's Syndrome

(by David L.,)

When my wife told me she wanted to get a bellicon Premium rebounder, I was initially skeptical, remembering the old squeaky spring rebounder my grandmother had back in the 80s.  I consented to the purchase after reading up on Bellicon and QiBounding, and I am really glad I did!                                                   
My wife, 10-year old son and I all love it; we take turns being DJ while the other bounces. 

I've found it a great way to ease back into cardio fitness after a long hiatus.  My migraines are less frequent, and my regular Bellicon routine has made me more regular, too. 

It's also been great for our son, who has Tourette's syndrome.  Bouncing has helped reduce the frequency and severity of his tics, and he knows that if he's having a hard time focusing on homework, that ten or fifteen minutes on the Bellicon is a great way to become centered.

We don't watch much TV, partly because of the negative effects on physical health, so now when my son wants to watch a show, he does it while bouncing.

Thanks for helping us on the road to health and happiness!

Ankle healed and blood pressure back to normal

( by Barbara M.,  Bruno MN)

It all started about 16 months ago when I broke both bones in my left ankle. At that time, I was 56 years old and had never been seriously injured. Not only was I physically traumatized, but I was also emotionally devastated from the death of my sister just 10 days before my accident.


When the cast came off, I started 6 weeks of physical therapy and acupuncture to improve my walking gait. My acupuncturist suggested I look into rebounding (bless her heart!) to regain balance, flexibility, and build strength in my ankle. After extensive research and concluding that my recovery was well worth the cost of a Bellicon Rebounder, I placed my order with you. Once my rebounder arrived, I have never looked back!

I have been rebounding regularly (5-6 days a week) for 8 months and absolutely love the experience!

The overall function in my ankle has increased to my pre-accident condition.                          

In addition, my blood pressure has dropped to well within normal limits (at my last physical, my doctor told me my blood pressure was borderline high and if it did not come down, she wanted me to start taking medication).

Even more astonishing, my emotional health is joyful (almost euphoric), greatly improving the quality of my life. Until I tried a Bellicon Rebounder, I would never have believed that using such a simple tool could generate these amazing results – all while having lots of fun!                             


Thank you for heralding the benefits of rebounding and giving me the opportunity to tell my story.

Creative Brain waves on Rebounder

 (by Ron Elkins, Evanston, IL)

My wife and I  have had our bellicon for almost a year.  Every morning I hop on and rebound for 15 minutes, 100 jumps per minute, part of my one hour daily routine.

I use it for leg conditioning and lymph stimulation.  I love the Bellicon.  Solid, durable and quiet, so very important since I workout at home, in my condo. People living above, below and on each side.   At times, my wife or I might be sleeping late in the next room.  No creaking.  No clanging of springs.  Just quiet.

While onboard, I listen to the news, holding a timer in one hand and a digital voice recorder in the other.

Rebounding transforms my head from a container of muddled and entangled brainwaves to a cerebral gush of ideas that I conveniently translate into coherent words and phrases to plan my day and develop ideas for my clients for whom I serve as an ad agency creative director.


Just last week, I developed an entire ad campaign on the rebounder.  In 15 minutes!


I expect this phenomenon will continue to amaze and reward me in the future.  The bellicon rebounder is the most brilliant investment I could have made to deliver physical and professional dividends I never could have expected.


Toned Body and Kegel Muscles

 (by Eva B. from Arizona)

I received my Bellicon bungee rebounder about 4 weeks ago-- it is AMAZING. I am someone who did not exercise regularly ... only every now and then. With the rebounder, I can't walk by it without jumping on it. It is MORE fantastic than I imagined in terms of the FUN factor -- I actually look forward to exercising now because it is fun and feels so good.

I had never rebounded before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I am gearing up for an extreme hike and needed something that would help to get me in shape...I found the Bellicon by researching on the Internet after reading an article about rebounding. Well, not only is it doing that but it is helping me to get more work done in a shorter period of time because I have LOTS more energy!!!

When I first began jumping, I realized that my "Kegel muscles" (pelvic floor) needed so much work.....Within jumping just a few minutes a day for the first two weeks - I saw a DRASTIC improvement and no longer had to stop jumping to run to the bathroom--WHAT AN ADDED BONUS!

I see now why your mission is for people to take charge of their own health car - it is true....there are SO many benefits to rebounding. Our house is filled with tile so noise travels easily. When we jump on the Bellicon - it is whisper quiet. I come out to use it and my husband is already bouncing on it. We actually find ourselves waiting for one person to stop bouncing so the other can have a turn...and have raced to see who can get on it is that fun!

At first my husband wondered why invested the money into it .... now he totally understands and adores working out in front of the TV!

Cholesterol, sugar, blood pressure back to normal

(by Jane D., Virginia Beach VA)

Before I began using the rebounder, my cholesterol, sugar, and blood pressure were elevated. After a couple of months using the rebounder about 20 minutes per day (and improving my diet), all my readings were well within normal limits. And, almost from the first day I used the rebounder, my skin became clear, and it has remained clear.

I stabilize my blood sugar with Rebounding

(by E.L. Seattle, WA)

I received my Premium Bellicon Rebounder for a belated Mother's Day present. What I didn't know was that I was going to be a mom for a second time!

I've been pre-diabetic for a long time but with diet and exercise, I am able to keep my blood sugar numbers within a normal range. 

During my first two trimesters, I had been able to keep my weight stable and even lose a few pounds while eating healthfully and bouncing 30 minutes a day on the rebounder.  I am on track for gaining weight in the last trimester for me and the baby. 

The Bellicon allowed me to keep exercising during the hot summer days and the fall rainy days. 

I keep a food journal and found that if I health bounced for as little as 10 minutes an hour or so after each meal, it would bring my numbers down for my 2-hour reading.

I can feel my baby relax as I bounce on the Bellicon which reassures me that it will be an added benefit after the baby is born. If he starts fussing, I'm confident a health bounce will relax him while giving me some fun exercise!

Rebounding - Restorative exercises for chronic sciatica

(by Anna B. Round Rock, TX)

I received my bellicon 44 on Tuesday, December 1st.  I was quite excited about the delivery and immediately attached the legs so I could begin my first five minutes of exercise (per the excellent advice on your QiBounding webpage).


I have to say, I am totally in love with my rebounder; I think it's as attractive as it is functional.  After a week of use, I can exclaim with total confidence, "The Bellicon is arguably the best quality rebounder on the market today."   

I currently enjoy good health but do suffer periodically from chronic sciatica, secondary to herniated discs on various areas of my spine.  For the last five days, I have been bouncing gently for five minutes at a time on my Bellicon 44, allowing gravity to help propel me.I am already experiencing increased leg strength and balance without aggravating the sciatica.  I couldn't be happier with these initial results. I can't say enough good things about Bellicon 44.  It is the best piece of exercise equipment I own.