This page is not only for women, believe it or not: Also men have a Pelvic Floor!

Most of the time however they are less concerned with it. And for this reason, we concentrate on this webpage mainly on the women Pelvis.

Leslie Howard, Yoga teacher and expert in Pelvic Floor Training says:
“The pelvic floor is the bottom of the tote bag. If you have a weak pelvic floor (too loose or too tight) you’re likely to have the contents fall out!”

Sylvia Dreiser Farnsworth has been trained by Leslie Howard in one of her "Demystifying Down There" classes in San Francisco.
She can highly recommend her workshops and her deep knowledge in this matter.

Does Rebounding help with Incontinence?

The answer depends on two factors:

1. The degree of  Incontinence
2. The softness of bounce and the way of bouncing

People who have to deal with Incontinence are often women who have given birth to several children. Other people have to deal with Incontinence  because they simply inherited this tendency. In most cases you can do something about it.

  • If the Incontinence is rather strong, the best is to follow a training class, like the ones Leslie Howard is giving,  to train back the Pelvic Floor. After having learned to activate the Pelvic Floor, Rebounding might be a great way to further strengthen the concerned area.

  • If the Incontinence is only light, Rebounding can be used to strengthen the concerned area. However it is important to "activate the Pelvic Floor" while Rebounding.

  •  We observed that people who are concerned with Incontinence have better results when using a Bungee band Rebounder then when using a spring based Rebounder. The softer and longer bouncing wave makes it easier for them to Rebound without experiencing Incontinence while bouncing.


For people who are concerned with a too tight or too loose Pelvic Floor, rebounding on hard bouncing (mostly spring based rebounders) can be a challenge.

The reason for that is that the quick bounce return of a spring based rebounder does not give enough time for the pelvic floor to contract. In addition, the harsh jolt of the down bounce often causes Urine leakage. A soft bouncing bungee rebounder is unlikely to cause the same effect. However for those who have a very weak or very tense Pelvic Floor, even a bungee band rebounder could provoke leakage.

Having said that, it is important to remember that: No rebounder MAKES you have those problems if you had a healthy Pelvic Floor. For that reason any rebounder just alerts your attention to the fact that you should take care of your Pelvic Floor.

Sooner or later (without rebounder) you would find out the same problem just by sneezing, coughing or walking up a staircase.
It is always good to know our weaknesses. That allows us to do something about them.

Who can profit from a healthy Pelvic Floor?

 Anybody who does not have a toned Pelvic Floor and

 who is experiencing

- Incontinence (urine leakage from sneezing, coughing, jumping)

- Pelvic pain

- Menstrual problems or pain during intercourse

- Prolapsed organs, prolapsed uterus

- Skin conditions of the vulva

- Urgency and bladder weakness

- Sacroiliac

- Hip or Sciatic pain

Learn what you can do to improve your Pelvic Floor

For women who have a tight Pelvic Floor, Leslie Howard recommends:

-Diaphragmatic breathing lying down with

  sandbags on the thighs.

- Front of the groin quads and psoas


For those who have a loose Pelvic Floor, Leslie Howard recommends:

-  Learn to engage the pelvic floor.

-  Backbends, and arm balances are good

   for creating tone in the pelvic floor.

- The most important thing for women who

    have lack of tone, though, is that they

    understand the nuance of engaging their

     pelvic floor as opposed to engaging their

     butt or their hamstrings, lifting their

     anus, or grabbing their tailbone.

If you watched the videos below and would like to go further in this work, Leslie Howard offers her work in a video:
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