When running is no longer an option, because your back hurts or your knees or joints prefer not to be exposed to running any longer, Rebounding is a low impact exercise to keep you moving, healthy and flexible.

We here at QiBounding are rebounding trainers since 2000 and have worked with a many clients who came with big issues in regards to back and neck pain. We recommend rebounding as a way to keep you in movement, because movement is what your body needs to function well. And rebounding is one of the most gentle ways to move that exist.

Before beginning to rebound, see your doctor first and make sure that rebounding is for you. Tell him about the soft bouncing bellicon rebounders which are very different from the old generation of spring based rebounders. Bellicon rebounders give you a kind of a massage of the spine and shield you from the hard impact which you have when you run or when you bounce on a hard bouncing spring based rebounder.

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Restoring the Unconscious Motor Program of the body

Scientific research confirms that patients with back and neck pain can find relief or can even be cured through movements on an non fixed movable surface (i.e. exercises on a Swiss Ball, a rebounder). Most forms of back and neck pain can be cured when we allow our unconscious motor program - the system which communicates with our muscles - to receive sufficient information to function correctly.

The motor program functions a bit like a computer program. There is an information input followed by an analysis and resulting in actions that are based on the information received. In our body, the action is the impulse of our brain which tells our muscles when and at which intensity to "fire".

Information input, on which the brain basis its action are millions of receptors which are all over our body. A lot of them are in the soles of our feet and in tiny little muscles alongside the spine. These "input devices" tell our brain the position of our body in relation to the surrounding space.

Our brain receives this information, analyzes it and tells the muscles how to respond. In the majority of back and neck pain patients the motor program is disturbed and as a consequence, they experience relief when this program is restored.

Well known expert in this field, Dr. Malik Slosberg, D.C., M.S. compiled the latest scientific studies concerning back and neck pain in his book "Validating Chiropractic". In this book we find numerous studies which show the great results in conquering back and neck pain by training the unconscious motor program through exercising on movable surfaces, like a rebounder. Through such exercise, our proprioceptors regain the necessary information for having our large muscles fire correctly.

Another great source of information is also the book "The Back Pain Revolution" by Dr. Waddell, M.D.


Rebounding is ideal to train the unconscious motor programs and therefore help us with back- or neck pain. As for the best rebounders, we recommend the gentle bouncing bellicon rebounders.




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