Rebounding on high quality rebounders

                  • increase blood flow and circulation. 
                  • With that comes an oxygenation of all of your cells in your body.
                  • Oxygenation means nourishment of the cells and burning of fat.
                  • Our customers said that the Cardio Exercises of QiBounding
     which we teach in our Online Classes

     have very beneficial effects on strengthening the heart.


What I find is that with rebounding on my bellicon I can get my heart rate up and maintain a higher percentage of Max heart rate without the pounding of my joints like on a treadmill. I have my treadmill on sale on Craigslist. I have a back injury, a compression fracture (stable) so I am allowed to rebound. This coupled with my inversion table are really make my back feel good!  Charlene, Maine (2014/09)

I thought  that I would drop you a quick line of thanks.  I have finally begun a program of rebounding on my Bellicon rebounder.  I'm at 15 minutes a day and shooting for 45min./day every morning.  My energy level and circulation in my lower legs has improved greatly.  After the exercise, my legs feel fantastic and I have energy like I took a 20 mile bike ride. 


Scott Barrett, Oakland CA (2007/08)

I cannot tell you how amazed I am with both of my new bellicon rebounders!! Today I had the best aerobic workout I've ever had on a rebounder:  the firmer more stable mat was perfect! I was able to attain optimum heart rate in just 3 minutes; had an average of 82% maximum heart rate for 30 minutes (with a high of 87% -- 136 - 145 beats per minute), which is a perfect range for me!  And I had none of the normal strain afterwards in my hips, knees or feet which I had been experiencing on my ReboundAir rebounder.  I felt unbelievably great afterwards! And bouncing on my bellicon Bungee Rebounder three times a day is having an extraordinary impact on my whole nervous system and Chi Body -- I am totally "blown away"!!!I am very grateful for your expertise in understanding exactly what would best serve my needs.  Thank you so much!! Love,- Jon


Jon Bernie, Contemporary Zen Teacher - San Francisco CA