When you ask QiBounding for advice concerning Rebounders and rebounding, we give you the best advice according to our knowledge at that given moment and based on the information that you provide about yourself and your situation. We really want to serve you and to make all our knowledge and experience available to you.
Our advice and the information that you find on our website is meant to support you in finding the right Rebounder. On our website we share with you our latest information in this regard. However, under no circumstances we can be hold responsible for any incompleteness you may find on our website nor can we be made responsible for the choices that you make, based on our website or based on our advice.

Please keep in mind that we are not doctors and we can therefore not give any medical advice. We can give you information in an anecdotal way of experiences that our clients have shared with us or experiences we had ourselves. However, before starting Rebounding, consult your doctor. It is a general rule, not to rebound when you have an acute problem like an acute inflammation or an acute injury. Again, we  base our suggestions on our experience with hundreds of clients. However, we are aware that every person is different and although we do our best to support you in your choice, it is entirely your who is responsible for your choice.