Free BBC - Bounce-Back-Calendar. Click on the below PDF file and download it to your computer:

BBC Bounce Back Calendar.pdf

I like everything that helps me achieve my goals quickly and effortlessly. That's why I like my rebounder. And that's why I created the Bounce Back Calendar, the BBC. My BBC  helps me - together with the Westminster Clock - to keep track on my daily movement.

Rebounding allows me to catch two - or even more - flies with one strike: It moves all trillion cells in my body at the same time. And the time to do so is ridiculously short. It can be 10 seconds. 10 seconds that count for my health: for my lymphatic system to function, for my bones to get strong, for my toning of my body.

According to latest studies our bodies need to be moved about every hour, otherwise we risk health problems. You can  easily do that with a Rebounder. Just bounce 10-20 bounces every hour.

Above this text you'll  find a link to download your personal BBC..

Print it out, hang it on the wall next to your rebounder and track your daily and weekly bouncing routine.



To make it even easier, I recommend to download the Westminster Clock to your computer (see below). This clock will sound each full hour and reminds you that it's bouncing time.

For Mac users: You can download the App called "Mindfulness Bell"

It will be installed into your Menu bar on top of your screen. There's where you can parametrize it to choose after how many minutes it should sound:

For Window users only:  Use the Westminster clock chime as an hourly Rebound Reminder