Rebounding Videos


Video: "Basics to Rebounding"

How the body moves through
space when Rebounding

Pronation and Rebounding

Feet Positioning & Rebounding #1

Feet Positioning & Rebounding #2

Warming up and Alignment before Aerobic Rebounding
(incl. Kidney exercise)

Alignment and Rebounding #1

Alignment and Rebounding #2

Cooling down after your Rebounding session

Balance and Rebounding
(incl. Exercises with Aktiva Ball)

Theraband for Rebounding - a flexible holding bar #1

Rebounding exercises
on your back

Jogging and Rebounding#1

Lymph Flow  Exercises on the Rebounder to help with Edema

Rebounding exercise "Rowing"
(incl. Centering and Grounding)

Rebounding for your Joints # 1
wrist - elbow - shoulder

Rebounding for your Joints #2
ankle - knee - hip

Abdominal Training on the mini trampoline: Strengthening the Psoas muscle.

Abdominal Training #2 on the mini
trampoline: Developing a Six pack (Rectus abdominis muscle)

Theraband for Rebound exercises #2

"Swimming" on your mini trampoline

Hip strengthening Rebound exercises

Attractive Arms - exercises on the mini trampoline to tone the upper arms

Rebounding for strong bones -  Osteoporosis exercises

Rebounding with hand weights
by Ice Hockey player Leo the Lion

Jogging on the Rebounder #2

Rebounding exercises for
Back, Brain & Balance

Warming up before other workout
(like bike riding, jogging, yoga etc.)

Cooling down after workouts
(like bike riding, jogging, swimming  ..)

Advanced Rebounding

Rebounding within Circuit Training

Movement - Why Rebounding?

Rebounding - How often?

Exercises you can do in  your office

Rebounding is FUN

April's Fools Day Rebounding

Saint Patrick's Rebounding Fun