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Online Rebounding Classes ahead
by QiBounding on 

Like last year, we will also offer Rebounding Online Classes this November. A Level 1 training class will be held from November 17-30, followed by a Level 2 training class from December 1 - 7.  Early-Bird sign up is open till September 1st. More info here.

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Summer Joy
by QiBounding on 

Hello dear rebounding friends,

After having spent a lovely time in the Santa Barbara region, I am now back in Florida again. June! That means very warm weather... up to 90 degrees and a daily thunderstorm with heavy rain. I love this weather. I find it very soothing. It slows me down and that is a good thing for me as I am pretty active. I now do my rebounding mainly indoors, besides of the times when I go to the beach and bounce there. Otherwise, in our garden, the mosquitos would have a feast with me.
I hope you all enjoy a lovely summer bouncing happily on your rebounder , keeping up on the good work.
Have fun,

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Beverly's daily Rejuvenation Rebounding - BLOG
by QiBounding on 

Don't miss Beverly's Blog and learn all about  her great rebounding adventure! And if you have comments or questions, don't hesitate writing them into the blog!

Click here to read the latest news from Beverly.

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www.Rebounding.TV: Our Rebounding blog with tons of Rebounding information
by QiBounding on 

Click here >>>> 

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Sunscreen Causes Cancer?!
by QiBounding on 

A recent study from the U.K. says that sunscreen causes chronical deficiency in Vitamin D as well as other health problems.

A comprehensive new research report published in the U.K. is entitled “Sunlight Robbery” says:
“To ensure optimum level of Vitamin D and optimum health, people in the UK need to sun bathe whenever they can, wearing as few clothes as possible while taking care not to burn. Vitamin D obtained from food provides only about 10% of our needs.” Read more
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Osteoporosis Pilote Project
by QiBounding on 

Year for year we hear about the astonishing results of Rebounding in regards to increasing bone density.
This year, QiBounding wants to encourage those who are concerned with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis by offering a Jump-Start Program: 4 weeks daily Rebound Training with exercises to gain Bone Density.

During this period of time, the participants of this project will be supported by QiBounding founder Sylvia Dreiser Farnsworth and Camp Director of the Solvang Triathlon Camps, Charlie Woodcock. via Online video clips and Online - Blog - Support on www.Rebounding.TV (Category "Osteoporosis Training").

We invite you to watch the amazing story of Charlie Woodcock, who reversed her Osteoporosis within 6 months of Rebounding.

Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2

If you like the video(s), please do us a favor to vote "like it" on the Youtube video. Thanks!

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2010 - best Bellicon Video and Testimonial
by QiBounding on 

Here are the winners of our 2010 contest for the best Bellicon Video and the most interesting testimonial of our customers. Watch the stunning Morning Workout Routine of  Alexis Black and hear from Beth Keene how her entire family profits from their Bellicon. Click here.

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Help us Help the people of Japan
by QiBounding on 

QiBounding donates $50 of each sold Bellicon Rebounder to the American Red Cross.
Now you can help yourself and help your brothers and sisters in Japan with your purchase!

If you would like to make a donation to the American Red Cross for the Japanese people

-  independently from a Rebounder purchase - you can do this here.

You have  generated $600 by purchasing a Rebounder from QiBounding! Thank you!

                                                               Total Donations

$50  - March 19  - Nicole Q, CA                       $  50

$50  - March 20  -  Brian L., WI                        $100

$50  - March 20 -   Andres V., CA                    $150

$50  - March 23 -   Louise T. FL                       $200

$50  - March 23 -   Yael W., NY                        $250

$50 -  March 24 -  Connie C. NM                     $300

$50 - March 26  -  Jeff B. NY                             $350

$50 - March 27  - Jennifer E. MI                       $400

$50 - March 28  -  Gus B. ON Canada           $450

$50 - March 29  -  Steven K. CO                      $500

$100 - March 31 - Ryan O. NC                         $600

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Bungee Rebounder or Spring based Rebounder - is there a difference?
by QiBounding on 

Health Guru Truth Calkins speaks about his experience with Cellerziser and Bellicon Rebounders.

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Get warm in Winter: Burn your own calories!
by QiBounding on 

The new video of the series "My 3 minute energy boost" helps you  to get warm in this cold winter season. Use the time it takes to get your water boiling for a hot tea or a coffee, by jumping on your Rebounder and join us in  this 3 minute exercise sequence.
You not only get nicely warmed up, you also burn calories and  tone your arms, legs and core. Have fun!
Click here for the video.

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My mom always said life is like a box of chocolates
by QiBounding on 

You probably know this quote from the famous movie "Forest Gump" with Tom Hanks. It's one of my favorate.
Or did your mom say "Child, stay out of truffles!" (trouble)

Whatever you remember about chocolate, I will tell you today three  secrets. The first is HOW TO STAY ON A LOW GLYCEMIC DIET AND STILL GET GREAT CHOCOLATE IN THE CHRISTMAS SEASON. And the second secret that I'll tell you today is where to find the worlds best (high glycemic) truffles and that third is how to get your chocolate experience without ANY calories at all.

Secret #1
As far as possible, I try to stay out of too much carbohydrates, especially I reduce sugar and wheat. I know that a lot of you do the same. Now the tricky part comes when you'd like to have something sweet and also do not want to eat too much fruit as they are also high in sugar content.

My secret is the WILDBAR. The Wildbar is an amazingly tasty chocolate bar. It comes in two flavors "Mountain Mint and Mayan Spice". But the astonishing is that although it is a really great sweet taste a full bar has only 5 grams of sugar.  Besides of the great taste and the low sugar, the Wildbar is full with great ingredients and as raw as you can get it. (Raw chocolate, nuts, etc.). I cannot sing enough it's praise because this bar is the true secret, why I can stay months on a low sugar diet and do not miss anything. Here is the link where you can get more info about the Wildbar and where you can order it.

Oh by the way,  I am not getting any commission on any sales of chocolate or chocolate bars. For me it's just fun to share this great info.

Secret #2
This is for those who do not care about high or low sugar but just want a heavenly taste of chocolate melting in their  mouth. I found this shop two weeks ago when I was visiting Nevada City in California. Look at those mouth watering truffles. It's truly the best chocolate I have EVER tasted. And as I lived in Switzerland for 5 years and visited Belgium regularly, I know about good chocolate.

You can either visit this cute little shop in Nevada City  or you can get more information about these truffles and order them at the Truffles Online Shop.

Secret #3
This is for everybody who wants the "Happy Hormones" that our body produces when we are eating chocolate. It is called Serotonin. Serotonin is getting you out of depression and brings you energy and the smile on your face. It's probably the reason why we all love Chocolate.
But do you know that this hormone is also produced by your body when you rebound? YES!!!! After about 4 to 5 minutes you get the big smile on your face when you rebound. And this is because your body is producing Serotonin. So here you have the secret of how to get your CHOCOLATE EXPERIENCE WITHOUT ANY CALORIE:  Rebound!

I wish you all a happy Christmas Season!


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Fox on Trampoline
by QiBounding on 

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No time for exercises? What about 3 minutes?!
by QiBounding on 

QiBounding has started  a new series of Rebounding videos under the theme "My 3-minute Energy Boost".
This is a response to a lot of you who asked us  to provide video clips with a sequence of exercises that they can do on their Rebounder while watching the video.

The first episode is named "
Get up in the morning".
Only 3 minutes of Rebounding and you are in for a great start into your day.  Stretch, bounce, boost you energy and off you go!

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David Wolfe live on Bellicon QiBounder at Longevity Now Conference
by QiBounding on 

For most of you who have not been to the Longevity Now Conference of David Wolfe, I can just tell you that it was awesome. Great cutting edge information and so many wonderful people! (The next conference will be April 1-3, 2011 also in Costa Mesa, CA and I plan to be there again).

During this conference I had a great conversation with David Wolfe and could shoot a  video clip of David Wolfe bouncing on his Bellicon Premium.
I  also met Donna Gates, founder of the Body Ecology Diet, finally in person. We know each other for several years now and she is also using a Bellicon Rebounder. She told me that she refers to  my website in her new book. Awesome!

Bounce in good health!


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Be WELL in your body
by QiBounding on 

Do you remember the how it felt to be in a body when you where three years old? Most of us don't. We can watch children at this age and sometimes this brings back memories. In most cases, we where HAPPY in our body. We felt well in this body. We did not recognize the body, we just recognized the feeling of BEING WELL..
Perhaps you remember, the JOY in expressing yourself, the sense of ADVENTURE to find out how you could do something - a little thing. Not even a big thing. It did not matter! Anything you encountered was reason for amazement, exploration, creativity. Of course you would not have called it like that. It had no name. You were just "IN IT".
Today, in an adult body we are often longing to find back this feeling of Well being. Our bodies, if we feel them at all, feel like alien. Or they hurt. And then we feel them again. And we hope to not feel them any longer.

What about finding back the well being in our body which we encountered in our early childhood. What about meeting our body like a buddy, like our best friend? What about re-creating this loving relationship - that we might have with another body  but strange enough, not with our own.

Let's just - for the joy of it  - take a little break in the stream of events of our so very busy day. Just a tiny little break. Take a deep breath. And then watch your hand as if you had never seen it before. Like a baby would look at his hand, not even knowing that it is his hand. Not even knowing the word "hand". Just that thing. That amazing thing. And allow yourself to perceive it without a name. - And then see its beauty. And perhaps you can feel gratitude for having such beauty in your life.  This hand is part of your beautiful body, your best friend.  Now take another deep breath.

You just did the  first step to be well again  in your body. A first step to re-create your relationship with this wonder of being, your body. BE WELL! Sylvia

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Bra or no bra - that is the question
by QiBounding on 

Often when I speak with women who start Rebounding, I am asked if it is better to bounce with a bra or without one. My answer is: Use a bra, for Rebounding when you have medium sized breasts, use a sports bra if you have large breasts. For small breasts you can bounce without a bra.

It is important that women do not restrict the movement of their breasts too much. But when you rebound, your breasts move always, even with a sports bra. And this is sufficient. Scientific studies have shown that the more you move the breasts, the better the lymph flow, the less cancer. Women who were bras at night (yes, that really exists!!!!) had an 80% chance of developing breast cancer.
With that in mind, the movement in the late 60s "burn your bra" was not so bad at all.

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Even ACTIVE couch potatoes risk heart problems
by QiBounding on 

It is well known that people who sit a lot and have no active lifestyle  risk to get heart problems. But newest scientific studies showed that even those of us who have an active life style provoke a higher risk of heart diseases, if they expose themselves to periods of prolonged sitting during the day.

The study published in May in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise concludes that men who spent more than 23 hours a week watching TV and sitting in their cars had a 64 %  greater chance of dying from heart disease than those who sat for eleven hours a week or less. This result was to nobody’s surprise. But astonishing was the fact that most of those men let an active lifestyle, i.e. exercised once a day. (They are called “Active couch potatoes”).

What is the remedy to this problem?

If you have to sit many hours per day, you are not doomed to end up with a heart disease. What you need to do is to break up your sitting by short periods of exercises during the day. We recommend to have your mini trampoline or rebounder in your office and just bounce 10 – 20 times. This invigorates your body, and clears your mind. Instead of smoking a cigarette or taking a coffee (or even during the time until your coffee is ready) just bounce on a quality Rebounder.  Watch the following video where we show you how we use Rebounding to help us stay healthy and active:

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Goal setting made easy
by QiBounding on 

Do you have goals which are dear to you? Then this article can help you to reach them . There are three things to start with:

1. Know yourself

2. Balanced goals for a balanced life

3. Set SMART goals in present tense

Read more

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by Teeli on 

Hi there! I live in New Zealand and I have just found you!Wonderful things to learn! Unfortunately we don't have the Bellicon rebounders here, so I have a spring one, but one of the better brands.Not a cheapie!But, oh..I LUST after one of those fabulous bunjee cord rebounders! *drool, sigh*

I had a bar on my rebounder, and since reading about the theraband, I have dismantled the bar- it's truly magic without it, yet I still have stability.

OK< so we don't have therabands here, either, but I improvised with an exercise bunjee cord with a handle each works beaut!

I have already done so much more on my rebounder after reading and watching the videos on this site, that i am amazed at how little I DID know, before. Thank you so much! I have this site link  pasted firmly on my desktop now! ( along with the Big Ben chiming clock! lolol)....Teeli

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Beware of Shopping Receipts
by QiBounding on 

Shoppers need to be wary of receipts that come on thermal imaging paper, the kind of coated paper that faxes used to arrive on and some cash registers still routinely spit out. Many of these types of receipts are laced with bisphenol A (BPA), the strogen-mimicking chemical present in many hard plastic bottles and metal-based food and beverage cans since the 1960s. The amount the receipts carry isn't trivial.

"When people talk about polycarbonate bottles, they talk about nanogram quantities of BPA (leaching out), " says John C. Warner, co-founder of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Industry. "The average cash register receipts that uses the BPA technology will have 60 to 100 milligrams of free BPA."  This means it's hon bound int a polymer, as in polycarbonates, he explains, but is just loos molecules ready for uptake.

In Warner's opinion, when it comes to BPA in the urban environment, "the biggest exposure will be these cash register receipts." Once on the fingers, BPA can be transferred to foods. A 21010 Food and Drug Administration update supports U.S. industry's actions to stop producing BPA-containing baby bottles and feeding cups and to find alternatives for infant formula cans.

The best bet for now is to minimize acceptance of such receipts, keep them out of kids' hands and wash hands after touching one. Store them in a separate, zipped plastic bag away from the kitchen and not in a wallet.

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