What's in the box?

  • Shipping directly out of the bellicon USA warehouse in Chicago.
  • bellicon USA's extended warranties.
  • Live phone support and free Rebounding counseling also AFTER your purchase!

1. The bellicon rebounder according to your specifications
2. Six rebounder legs - already mounted on the bellicon with folding legs or separate for the bellicon with screw-on legs.
3. Six Anti-Slip Rubber tips for the rebounder legs. 
4. Bellicon DVD
5. Access to Free Online Rebounding Online Training:

Learn how to rebound most efficiently with the QiBounding method.  

In the email which contains your tracking #, we will send you the link to the first two weeks of rebounding training together with the password.

 6. Free Personal Rebounding Coaching

We don't want you to be left alone!

For this reason, Sylvia offers to all our clients a free fifteen minute phone coaching:

This coaching is available within the first two weeks after reception of your rebounder. Just set up a date/time with Sylvia and she will call you on the phone or via Skype and you can ask her everything you want to know about your rebounding practice or your questions in regards to your health- and fitness needs. Non-QiBounding customers pay $30 for this session.

 7. Money back

If you are sharing your customer experience in form of a blog or a testimonial that we can put on our website, you can get up to $50 back.  read more

8. Extended Warranty

When you order with QiBounding, you will receive the extended warranties that are practiced here in the US by bellicon USA. They are longer than the warranties of the German manufacturer:

 Manufacturer warranty bellicon USA  warranty
 bellicon 39, 44,49

3 years

5 years
          mat3 years5 years
          bungee cords6 months1 year
bellicon Premium 44, 49

10 years

10 years
           mat3 years5 years
           bungee cords6 months1 year